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Rain, sleet, snow, nor the gloom of night shall stop the fleet from their daily runs.

Photos by John A. Harris, unless otherwise noted


BUCKEYE - sailing under stormy skies on St. Clair River 11/7/98.

AGAWA CANYON - unloading in a squall at Marysville. 1999

CUYAHOGA - Downbound Port Huron in fog - 2000.

CANADIAN ENTERPRISE - Upbound Port Huron during a brief snow squall.  Minutes prior there was clear blue skies.2002. 

NANTICOKE - Loading grain at Sarnia Elevator 1998. 

PHILIP R. CLARK - loading at Calcite, as seen from the WOLVERINE. August 2001.

CANADIAN TRANSPORT - Unloading at Lambtons on St. Clair River under a spectacular sunset.

PATHFINDER - unloading on the Saginaw River.

ELTON HOYT 2nd - Sailing into a storm on the St. Clair River.  Sadly, a plane carrying a group of skydivers crashed nearby during this storm.


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