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These photos are of ocean-going ships being dismantled or salvaged from shipyards across the world.  They are from my own personal collection or submitted by visitors to this site.  All submissions are welcome.


USS DARBY - Naval troop ship under the torch 3/13/06. Photo by Steve Hilsz.



USNS NEPTUNE - Built in 1946 as a 370 foot cable-layer / spy ship for the Army.  She was originally named WILLIAM H.G. BULLARD.  She was transferred to the Navy in 1953 and named USS NEPTUNE.  In 1973 she became a civilian-crewed ship and designated USNS NEPTUNE.  The NEPTUNE was decommissioned on 1/1/91 and sent to the James River Reserve Fleet (Ghost Fleet).  Scrapping was done in Brownsville TX in 2006.   Photo shows being dismantled in 2006. Photo by Steve Hilsz.

USNS NEPTUNE - another view.  Alongside the Neptune is the WACCAMA a Naval supply ship. Photo by Steve Hilsz

USS STERETT (DLG/CG-31) - A Naval Cruiser launched in 1964 and commissioned in 1967.  She was a 547 foot guided missile cruiser. Decommissioned 3/24/94 and sent to Benicia Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay, CA.  She was later sent to International Shipbreaking at Brownsville.  Photo shows STERETT being prepared for dismantling, Feburary 2006. Photo by Steve Hilsz

USS ENGLAND (DLG/CG-22) - Another guided missile cruiser being scrapped by International Shipbreaking.  The ENGLAND was launched in 1962 and was 533 feet long.  She was decommissioned on 1/21/94 and spent 11 years at the Benicia Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay.  She was sent to Brownsville Texas for scrapping and seen in the early stages of dismantling.  Photo Courtesy of International Shipbreaking Ltd.

MAGALLANES - built as the MORMACARGO in 1964, renamed AMERICAN ARGO in 1983, renamed STELLA LYKES in 1986.  1989 she became the MAGALLANES.  She is seen here being scrapped in February 2006. Photo by Marc McAllister

MAGALLANES - another view. Photo by Marc McAllister


Chesapeake, VA

MARINE FIDDLER - The last C-4 being scrapped 11/11/03. Photo by Franz Von Riedel


Alang India


Aliaga, Turkey


Ghost Fleet (James River Reserve Fleet)

New Port News VA

The James River Reserve Fleet, also known as "The Ghost Fleet" is comprised of Navy and commercial ships.  These ships are either destined for Stateside or foreign shipyards for dismantling, or are mothballed for future military use.  This fleet, at one time, consisted of nearly 300 ships.  Today, due to pressure from local government and environmental groups, has dwindled down to 2 or 3 dozen ships.

Commercial ship awaiting it's fate. Photo by Glen Braden

Two of many ships waiting their turn. Photo by Glen Braden

Close up of Naval ships. Photo by Glen Braden

N.S. SAVANNAH, Shown at James River in 2002.  The Nuclear Ship SAVANNAH was built in 1962 as the first cargo/passenger nuclear powered vessel.  She was 596 feet long.  Laid up in 1972, she was deemed "uneconomical to run".  She was moved to the "Ghost Fleet" on James River in 1999.  Photo by Glen Braden

Lined up and no place to go. Photo by Glen Braden

USS HOWARD W. GILMORE - leaves the River for dismantling in late March 2006. The GILMORE was a WWII era submarine tender.

As of March 2006,  47 ghost ships remain at the River..


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