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This page is dedicated to all the Great Lakes boats that have suffered a total loss or have been scrapped  or sold for off-Lakes use since 2000.

seaway queen

SQ was built in 1959 and sailed under the Upper Lakes Shipping flag throughout her entire career.  She was a 713 foot long Canadian bulker.  She last operated in 1999 and was subsequently laid up in Toronto until being sold for scrap to Alang in 2004.  She arrived in Alang India in January 2005.

SEAWAY QUEEN - Downbound Port Huron 12/12/98, 1 year to the day, of her final run. She was laid up for good on 12/12/99.  J.A. Harris Photo


Algoriver was built in 1960 as the JOHN A. FRANCE.  She was a 722 foot bulk carrier for the Misner fleet until being bought by Algoma in 1994 and given her present name. Algoriver was sent to Aliaga Turkey for scrapping in 2003.

ALGORIVER - Seen here during winter lay-up in Hamilton Ont. 2/20/99. J.A. Harris Photo.

ALGORIVER - her scrap tow to Montreal. Photo by Kent Malo.

ALGORIVER - at the scrap yard in Aliaga Turkey. Salim San Photo

ALGORIVER - Scrapping begins.

kinsman enterprise (2)

KE was built in 1927 as the HARRY COULBY (2).  She was a 631 foot bulk carrier. She was renamed Kinsman Enterprise in 1989.  Laid up in Buffalo NY from 1995 until towed to IMS in Port Colborne for scrapping in 2002.

Sailing as the HARRY COULBY. Photo J.A. Harris Collection

KINSMAN ENTERPRISE - Laid up in Buffalo NY.    Brian Wroblewski Photo

KINSMAN ENTERPRISE at International Marine Salvage for scrapping.

oakglen (2)

Oakglen was built in 1954 as the T.R. McLAGEN.  Renamed Oakglen in 1990, she was a 714 foot bulk carrier.  She was sold for scrap in 2003 and arrived in Alang India in January 2005.

OAKGLEN - Seen here during winter lay-up in Windsor on 2/13/00  J.A. Harris Photo

OAKGLEN - Rafted with MAPLEGLEN awaiting overseas scrap tow in Montreal. Photo by Kent Malo


Built in 1960 as the MURRAY BAY (2).  Renamed in 1963 as the 730 foot COMMEAUDOC.  She laid idle in Montreal since 1996 until being towed to the Soo for dismantling in 2002.

COMEAUDOC - Sailing during better days in the 80's. John A. Harris Photo

COMEAUDOC - At the Soo scrap yard. August 2002.

Canadian venture

CANADIAN VENTURE was built as the LAWRENCECLIFFE HALL (2) in 1965.  She was a 730 foot bulk carrier.  7 months after being built she was almost completely lost on the St. Lawrence River.  She had rolled over and sank but was subsequently refloated and put back in service after extensive repairs.  She was renamed DAVID K. GARDINER in 1988 and carried that name until she was given her final name, CANADIAN VENTURE in 1994. In 2004 she was sold for overseas scrapping.  She arrived in Alang in 2005. (NOTE: Canadian Venture was a favorite of mine and I would be interested in more photo of her, as well as any memorabilia from her - particularly one of her life rings.  Email me if you have anything to offer)

CANADIAN VENTURE - Idle in Sarnia Ont. for repairs, 7/14/98  J.A. Harris Photo

CANADIAN VENTURE - Arriving in Thunder Bay Ont. in better days 2001. Rob Farrow Photo

CANADIAN VENTURE - Being towed  for eventual scrapping. 1/9/04.

CANADIAN VENTURE - tow from Toronto to Montreal 6-26-04 Photo by Kent Malo

CANADIAN VENTURE - Arriving in Alang for dismantling.  CANADIAN TRADER is in tow.


Built in 1965 as a 730 foot self-unloader for Canada Steamship Lines.  Laid idle in Toronto from 1996 until her tow to Port Colborne, Ont. in 2000.

TARANTAU - Sailing in better days 1979. J.A. Harris Photo.

Scrap tow to IMS at Port Colborne.     Scrapping begins on stern section.


MANITOULIN was built as a 730 foot self-unloader in 1965.  She had a very distinctive diesel rumble to her as she plied through the Lakes and Rivers.  Her unfortunate end came in 2002 when she was sent to Don Mez Metals of Izmir Turkey for scrapping.


MANITOULIN - Sailing down Lake Huron 1999.  Sent to scrap yard in 2002. J.A. Harris Photo

MANITOULIN - Turkey ship yard awaiting scrapping. San Salem Photo

MANITOULIN - Another view at the breakers.

Canadian trader

Built in 1969 as a 730 foot bulk carrier.  Canadian Trader carried the following names during her career. OTTERCLIFFE HALL 1969-1983, ROYALTON (2) 1983-1985, OTTERCLIFFE HALL 1983-1985, PETER MISNER 1985 -1994.  She was renamed CANADIAN TRADER in 1994 and carried that until she was scrapped in Alang India in 2005.

CANADIAN TRADER - Upbound St. Clair River 1999.  J.A. Harris Photo.

CANADIAN TRADER - 1999 Port Huron. Photo by John A. Harris


Launched as an ocean bulk carrier on April 11 1959, as the RHINE ORE.  She was originally 546 feet long.  In 1977 she was sold to Halco, lengthened to 730 feet and renamed STEELCLIFFE HALL.  In 1988 she was acquired by Paterson & Sons and renamed WINDOC (2). In Aug. 2001 while transiting the Welland Canal, a bridge was lowered on to her superstructure causing a major fire and damage.  She is still awaiting decision to make her into a barge or scrap.

WINDOC - Downbound on St. Clair River 1998.   J.A. Harris Photo.

WINDOC - Days after her fire. Brian Wroblewski Photo.

WINDOC - Rear view. Brian Wroblewski Photo.


Launched as the MESABI in 1943 as a 620 foot Maritime class vessel. She was delivered to Bethlehem Steel that same year and named LEHIGH (2).  Sold to Pierson Steamship and renamed JOSEPH X. ROBERT in 1981. 1982 she was again sold to P&H and renamed WILLOWGLEN. Laid up in 1992 and sold to Goderich Elevator in 1994 until being sold for scrap to an Egyptian company in 2005.

WILLOWGLEN - Laid up in Goderich 6/1/98. Photo by M. Jackson

WILLOWGLEN - Goderich, Ont., 1/11/03, where she spent several years as a storage boat before finally being sold.  Photo by John A. Harris

WILLOWGLEN - Being towed to Sorel Quebec 2005. Rob Hartley Photo.


Built in 1965 as a 730 foot straight deck bulker named DON-DE-DIEU.  1967 she was sold and renamed V.W. SKULLY to Labrador Steamship.  1971 she was sold again to Diamond Shamrock Canada and managed by Algoma.  Algoma took ownership in 1973.  In 1987 Algoma renamed her ALGOSOUND.  She was towed to Bangladesh in 2004 for scrapping.

ALGOSOUND - Awaiting her scrap tow in Montreal 2003. Photo by Kent Malo


Built in 1961 as the JN McWATTERS (2) for Misener Shipping. She was a 730 foot bulker.  Renamed SCOTT MISENER (4) in 1991.  Sold to Algoma in 1995 and renamed ALGOGULF (2).  Laid up in 1999 she was finally sold for scrap in 2002 to IMS of Port Colborne.

ALGOGULF - Tied up next to KINSMAN ENTERPRISE at IMS Port Colborne awaiting to be scrapped 2003.

Canadian voyager

Built as the BLACK BAY in1962 as a 730 foot bulker.  Acquired by Upper Lakes Shipping in 1994 and renamed CANADIAN VOYAGER.  Laid up in Dec. 2001.  She was sold for scrap in Aug. 2002.  Arrived in Aliaga Turkey on Sept. 18th, along with the ALGORIVER.

CANADIAN VOYAGER - As seen from the towing tug Ocean Hercules, getting ready to take the stern rope for the tow from Montreal to Les Escoumins. Quebec, pilot station. Photo by Kent Malo

CANADIAN VOYAGER - About to begin scrapping in Aliaga, Turkey Photo by Salim San

CANADIAN VOYAGER - Another view at Aliaga Turkey.

capt. ralph tucker

Built in 1965 as the IMPERIAL ACADIA.  She was a 440 foot long tanker.  1998 she was sold to Algoma Tankers and renamed ALGOSCOTIA.  In 2001 McKeil Marine acquire her and renamed CAPT. RALPH TUCKER.  2004 she was sold to ship breakers in India.

CPT. RALPH TUCKER - Upbound Bluewater Bridge 4/6/02. Sold for scrap August 2004 to India breakers. J.A. Harris Photo

lewis G. harriman

Built as the cement carrier JOHN W. BOARDMAN in 1923.  She was 350 feet long and specifically built as a cement boat.  In 1965 Huron Cement acquired the Boardman and renamed her LEWIS G. HARRIMAN.  Laid up in 1980 until her scrap tow in 2003 took her to Sault St. Marie.

LEWIS G. HARRIMAN - Sailing under the Huron Cement colors.

LEWIS G. HARRIMAN - Sold for scrap in 2003.  To be scrapped at the Soo.


Launched as the CAROL LAKE in 1960.  She was a 715 foot straight deck bulker for the Carryore fleet.  In 1986 Algoma acquired her and renamed her ALGOCAPE (1) in 1987.  Sold to P&H in 1994 and given the name MAPLEGLEN (2).  Purchased by Canada Steamship in 2001 and retained her name.  Sold for scrap in 2003 and arrived in Alang India on December 4th 2005.

MAPLEGLEN -  Seen here during her tow from Montreal. Photo by Kent Malo

vandoc (2)

Built as a 605 foot bulk carrier for Algoma in 1963. She was originally named SIR DENYS LOWSON.  N.M. Paterson acquired her in 1979 and renamed her VANDOC (2). Laid up in Thunder Bay Ont. in 1991 until she was sold for scrap in 2002.  Dismantling took place in Sault St. Marie.

SIR DENYS LOWSON - sailing under her original name.

VANDOC - Sold for scrap 2003 - Scrapping at Soo. Rob Farrow Photo


quedoc (3)

Built as a 730 foot straight decker in 1965 as the BEAVERCLIFFE HALL.  Renamed QUEDOC in 1988. Laid up in Thunder Bay Ont. in Dec.1991. Sold for scrap or other use in 2002.  Arrived in Sault St Marie on 6/27/02.

QUEDOC - Sold for scrap 2003 - Scrapping at Soo. Rob Farrow Photo

saturn (4)

Built as a 384 foot tanker in 1973 for Cleveland Tankers. Laid up in 2002 and eventually sold for off-Lakes use.

SATURN - Laid up in Toledo 2/24/02. J.A. Harris Photo

algocen (2)

Launched as a 730 foot bulker for the Algoma Marine fleet in 1968.  She was sold a New Jersey recycling company in Jan. 2005.  Towed to Kearsbey NJ and arrived on 8/3/05.  To be used as a storage barge.

ALGOCEN - Enroute to New Jersey for dismantling under the name VALGOCEN, 7/25/05. Photo by Kent Malo

ALGOCEN - Being towed under the name VALGOCEN at Three Rivers Quebec. Photo by Kent Malo


Launched 1968 as a 485 foot ocean & lake class tanker under the name IMPERIAL BEDFORD.  Purchased  by Algoma Tankers in 1998 and renamed ALGOFAX.  I am unsure of her exact demise at this time.


Built in 1974 as a 435 foot ocean - lake class tanker for Imperial Oil.  She was originally named IMPERIAL ST. CLAIR until being sold to Algoma Tankers in 1997 and renamed ALGOSAR. Sold off-Lakes 1/05. Renamed GENESIS EXPLORER

ALGOSAR - .  Seen here downbound at Port Huron 6/1/02. Photo by John A. Harris


Built in 1971 as the 431 foot, double-hulled, ocean coastal tanker, JON RAMSOY.  Acquired by Halco in 1974 and renamed DOAN TRANSPORT.  1986 she was sold again to Enerchem and renamed ENERCHEM CATALYST.  Purchased by Algom Tankers in 1999 and renamed ALGOCATALYST.  August 2004 she was sold for scrap.  Feb. 05 she was enroute to Turkey.

joseph h. frantz

Built in 1924 as a 618 foot straight decker for Columbia Steamship Co.  1965 she was converted into a self-unloader and given a new diesel power plant.  2003 the Frantz was chartered to Kinsman. April 29 2005 the Frantz was towed to IMS in Port Colborne for scrapping.

JOSEPH H. FRANTZ - Laid up at Buffalo, her final year with Kinsman. Photo by Brian Wroblewski

JOSEPH H. FRANTZ - Flying the Kinsman colors in Buffalo. Photo by Brian Wroblewski

JOSEPH H. FRANTZ - Sold to International Marine Salvage, Port Colborne, Ont. for dismantling 2005. Photo by Franz VonRiedel

JOSEPH H. FRANTZ - Stern view awaiting to be scrapped at IMS - 2005. Photo by Franz VonRiedel

saguenay (2)

Built in 1964 as a 730 foot bulker.  She was laid up in Thunder Bay in 1992 and renamed MAC GAGNE until her eventual scrapping in Bangladesh India in 2004

SAGUENAY (2) - Sailing before her permanent lay-up. J.A. Harris Collection.

SAGUENAY (2) Shown with pilothouse removed.  Named MAC GAGNE. Photo by Rob Farrow.


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