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all photos on this page are by john a. harris

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SARAH SPENCER - Toledo Shipyard, 3/5/06.

COLUMBIA STAR - Winter layup Toledo Port Authority Dock, 3/4/06

JOHN J. BOLAND - Winter layup Toeldo, 3/5/06

MIDDLETOWN and ARMOC - Winter layup at Toledo, 3/5/06

ARMCO - Winter layup at Toledo, 3/5/06

CSL LAURENTIEN - Loading at Sarnia elevator 10/25/03

EARL W. OGLEBAY - upbound Port Huron 10/25/03

OGLEBAY NORTON - upbound at Port Huron 6/7/03

ALGOEAST - Sarnia Ont., St. Clair River Pulling away from dock. 1999.

CASON J. CALLAWAY - Unloading at Marine City 10/25/03

COURTNEY BURTON - Winter layup Toledo 4/12/03

MAUMEE - downbound Port Huron 6/1/02

CEDARGLEN - Upbound St. Clair River 6/1/02

DAVID Z. NORTON - Winter layup Toledo 4/12/03

HALIFAX - Winter layup Sarnia 1/25/03

MIDDLETOWN - Winter layup Toledo 2003

MONTREALAIS - Downbound Port Huron 12/7/02

ALGOMARINE - downbound Detroit River, as seen from U.S. Mailboat WESTCOTT II  7/17/99

ALGOSTEEL - Sarnia Ont. 4/6/02

ARTHUR M. ANDERSON - Toledo 4/13/03

BUFFALO - Tawas MI  5/15/99

CALUMET - St. Clair River, as seen from aboard M/V WOLVERINE 8/16/01

CANADIAN OLYMPIC - Toledo, getting bow work completed during layup 4/12/03

MYRON C. TAYLOR - as seen from aboard the mailboat WESTCOTT II 7/17/99

FRONTENAC - Winter layup Goderich 1/11/03

TEAKGLEN (ex-Mantadoc) - Laid up at Goderich Ont. 1/11/03

MISSISSAGI - Winter layup Sarnia 2003

EARL W. OGLEBAY - Unloading on St. Clair River, 1998

ADAM E. CORNELIUS - arriving at the Torco ore dock in Toledo 4/21/02

KAYE E. BARKER - Downbound at the Soo, 1998

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