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M/V Nordmeer



About the Nordmeer

The M.S. NORDMEER was a German vessel which was put "on the rocks" near the Thunder Bay light, Lake Huron on Nov. 19, 1966 (due a navigational error). It was the same storm that claimed the DANIEL J. MORRELL (Nov. 29, 1966) that finally wrecked her hull to the extent she was declared a total loss and the crew was forced to abandoned her. As a matter of fact the Coast Guard Cutter ACACIA, which was assisting crewmen of the NORDMEER, was pulled immediately to search for survivors of the MORRELL. Fortunately, there was no loss of life aboard the NORDMEER. Today the NORDMEER is a popular dive spot for wreck divers. Her superstructure protrudes from the surface and goes to a depth of approx.. 50 feet (give or take a few feet - it has been several years since I last dove her). There is usually decent visibility and plenty of open compartments and machinery to explore. This is a great dive for beginner wreck divers, due to her shallowness and openness of her hull and structure.



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