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Re-launching of the "New" JOHN T. HUTCHINSON

In 1988 the JOHN T. HUTCHINSON was towed off the Lakes for overseas dismantling - Yet another great piece of maritime history was lost off the Lakes forever...or was it!
Through my personal "John T. Hutchinson Collection" and the skilled craftsmanship of model ship builder, Bob Schaar, the once proud JOHN T. HUTCHINSON will sail once again - at least in the form of a 1/400th scale display piece.
Bob Schaar began building the replica model of the "Hutch" for me in January of 2003, with a projected "re-launching" of early Spring 2003.

Below is a photographic gallery of its progression.


Construction of the "New" John T. Hutchinson

Prep the pieces.

Forming the Hull

Hull work.

More Hull work.

Stern Rail

Stern Cabins

Hatch Covers

Long Bow View


Attached Stern Cabins

Forward Cabins

Forward Cabins

Pilothouse Windows


Rear Deck

Hatch Crane

Fence Rail

Display Base

Complete Stern View

Complete Bow View


Christening & Re-launching

On Saturday April 12, 2003, I arrived near Cleveland Ohio to photograph the "John T model" near her original 1943 launch site. In attendance was myself, friend Dave Edwards and his wife, Marge, and Mrs. Jane Cauffield-Hutchinson - John T. Hutchinson's daughter. Model builder Bob Schaar was unfortunately unable to attend the event.
The day started off with the christening party having lunch at the Red Clay Restaurant, where Jane was able to see the newly completed model for the first time. She was extremely pleased with the superb detail of the model and told several stories of her time aboard the "Hutch" as a child.
Upon leaving the restaurant, we all headed over to Janes where, again, she fascinated us with even more stories of her time aboard and around the Great Lakes shipping industry. Finally, Dave opened a bottle of Champaign, while nearly taking my ear off with the cork in the process. Upon filling our glass we each sipped our Champaign, while watching Jane dip her finger in her glass. She then tapped lightly on the hull and stated, "I christen thee JOHN T. HUTCHINSON."



Lunch w/Jane Hutchinson-Cauffield (L to R Dave Edwards's wife Marge, Dave Edwards, Jane H. and John Harris)


If you would like to inquire about your favorite boat being built or would like to ask the shipbuilder a question: Email Bob Schaar.



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