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Mary Alice B.

Wreck of the Mary Alice B


The MARY ALICE B. was a 65 ft. tug built in Duluth MN in 1931. Over her career she sailed under the names QUINTUS (1931), BONANKA (1962), LOMAX (1972), then finally in 1975 was sold and renamed MARY ALICE B. Her final job was the salvage of the saltwater vessel MONROVIA, which sank near Alpena in Lake Huron. At the end of the season the MARY ALICE B. was to be towed back to Detroit by the tug DOLPHIN 1. On September 5th 1975 the MARY ALICE began taking on water during the middle of the night. All efforts by the crew of the DOLPHIN 1 to save the tug were in vain as the MARY ALICE B slid stern first to the bottom of Lake Huron.

The Wreck

LORAN 30790.9 / 49520.5 - LAT/LONG 43*22'34"N / 82*26'31"W

The wreck lies in 92 feet of water approximately 8 miles off Lexington Michigan in lake Huron. She is sitting upright with a slight list. She is perfectly intact and visibility was quite good (25-30ft.)the last time I dove her on 8-24-03. The wreck can be penetrated at the wheelhouse, engineroom and crews quarters. Divers should be careful due to thick silting when attempting to enter the wreck. The current was noticable, but not too bad.

 Pat Stayer drawing

Ships wheel.

Mast. (Photo by John A. Harris)

Divers on the deco line. (Photo by John A. Harris)

Diver Nate Simon on the deco line. (Photo by John A. Harris)



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