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Davey Jones' Locker :  "bottom of the sea..."

This page features a treasure-trove of information and photos from undersea historical expeditions, salvage operations, pirate ships and treasure hunters.

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Pirates & Pirate Ships

Flags of the Pirates: Each Pirate Captain had his own flag.  These were used to identify and distinguish themselves from other pirates.  It also served to to set fear in the minds of other mariners.  Pirates, in general, were just as interested in creating a name for themselves, as they were in getting rich.


Bartholomew Roberts  (aka "Black Bart")          Black Beard         Calico Jack Rackham        Edward Low



Emmanuel Wynne          Henry Avery            John Quelch              Richard Worley           Stede Bonnet



    Thomas Tew           Walter Kennedy          Christopher Condent                Christopher Moody



  Edward England


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