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On May 7, 1965 the 588 foot CEDARVILLE was rammed by the Norwegian freighter TOPDALSFJORD.  Sailing in a dense fog on near the Mackinaw Bridge the two freighters collided causing a mortal wound to the CEDARVILLE.  The doomed vessel tried to make it to shallow water before she rolled and sank, taking 10 of her crew with her.

The CEDARVILLE was built in 1927 at Great Lakes Engineering Works in River Rouge, Michigan.  She was built as a bulk freighter under the name A.F. HARVEY (2).  In 1957 she was converted to a self-unloader in Bay City Michigan and given the name CEDARVILLE.  At the time of her sinking she sailed for United States Steel.


About the wreck

GPS N 45.47.13  W 84.40.13

Today, the wreck lies in approx. 105 feet of water.  However her cabins and other areas of the ship can be reached at shallower depths of 50 to 75 feet.  She lies tipped to her starboard side at about a 45 degree angle.  She is cracked amidship near her 7/8 hatch.  This is a great dive but caution should be observed due to the strong currents of the Straits.  Visibility is usually fair (15-25) ft..  Penetration is possible in the engine room compartment, again, caution should be observed and only experienced divers should attempt it.  Over the past few years her hull has begun to collapse.


CEDARVILLE, Photo provided by William Forsythe

TOPDASFJORD - The "saltie" that sank the CEDARVILLE, Photo provided by William Forsythe

CEDARVILLE wreck drawing.



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