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Antique Equipment



This section features antique gear that is in my collection. Although I have been diving since 1980, I just began collecting antique / vintage diving gear in September of 2003.  If you have any old, used-up gear your looking to depart with, drop me an email at  I am looking for commercial gear (working or non-working/damaged) of all eras and scuba gear that is pre-1960.  I also collect salvage diving patches from companies all over the world, so if your a salvage operator I would really like one of your patches for my collection.

Another big part of my collection consists of Great Lakes shipping artifacts.  I began collecting these items back in 1997.  I originally started collecting anything from any ship that sailed on the Lakes.  This became overwhelming...and costly!  Now, I have specific things that I am collecting from specific ships and shipping companies.  I hope you enjoy viewing my collection.  Please contact me if you have anything that you think I might want.

The Dive Gear Collection

Dacor Diving Lung - 1959

This is my first vintage piece. It is a Dacor Diving Lung R-2 double hose regulator. It was manufactured in 1959 and has the "dial-a-breath" feature. I am currently restoring this regulator and hope to get it back to operational use. As you can see, it is going to require a lot of work.  (I am in dire need of replacement parts for this reg. If you have replacement exhaust valves, exhaust and intake diaphragms, hose clamps for this model of regulator, then please contact me.)


DACOR R2 Diving Lung.



Late 70's era Bottom Timer by Princeton Tectonics

Vintage Dacor Depth Gauge (Late 70's)

Vintage "Grand Vision" Scuba mask by SAS

Vintage US Divers single tank back-pac

At Pac buoyancy compensator from the late 70's

1977 Dual steel 72's


Commercial Dive Patch Collection




The Great Lakes Collection


The main focus of my Great Lakes collection is from the steamer, JOHN T. HUTCHINSON.  Built in 1943 and scrapped in 1988, she was and still is the center point of my entire collection.  Click on the icon to the left and visit my page dedicated to just that vessel.  It consists of her history, photo gallery and my JOHN T. HUTCHINSON collection.


TARANTAU lifering w/20 ft. of throw rope. This came from Canada Steamships self-unloader Tarantau while she was being scrapped in 2001 at Port Colborne.

ALVA C. DINKEY. Brass key ring w/25 keys and tags from the USS Great Lakes Fleet bulker Alva C. Dinkey. Obtained in 1999

Patch Collection.  Patches from; Soo River Co., Boland & Cornelius, American Steamship, Canada Steamship Lines, Misener, Roen Salvage Co., Lower Lakes, Cleveland Cliffs, Algoma Central Marine, Algoma Tankers, Pioneer Steamship, S.S. Medusa Challenger, Upper Lakes, Pringle, Columbia Steamship, Great Lakes Bulk Carriers, Paterson Steamship, M/V Canadian Enterprise, S.S. Imperial Sarnia, Wilson (decal), Fednav (decal).

Inland Steel - Philip D. Block plate

MEDUSA CHALLENGER - Coffee mug.  I love this mug - very rare!. Obtained while aboard the Challenger back in 1998.

Paterson - Fleet mug.

Pickands-Mathers - Fleet mug.

USS Great Lakes - Fleet mug

Algoma Marine - Fleet flag.

CUYAHOGA - Engine room skylight.  Obtained directly from Sarnia yard when she was getting a new engine in 2000.

GOVERNOR MILLER - Key and brass id tag.

AUGUST ZIESING - Key and brass id tag.

Hats - Hats from; Oglebay Norton, American Steamship, Algoma, Erie Steamship, E.M. FORD, M/V TADOUSAC.

LAWRENCECLIFF HALL - Launch invitation w/ envelope. - This was one of my favorite boats.  She was launched in 1965 and scrapped in 2005.  Sailed as; LAWRENCECLIFF HALL, DAVID K. GARDINER and CANADIAN VENTURE.




Wish List.  Listed below are items I am looking for  to add to my collection.  If you have any of these items please contact me.


Anything (particularly liferings, nameboards, bell, or anything that is I.D'd) from any of the Great Lakes vessels, JOHN T. HUTCHINSON, IRVIN L. CLYMER, CANADIAN VENTURE (or any of her previous names), MANTADOC (or any of her later names).


Great Lakes fleet patches.


Commercial Diver / Salvage company patches.


Authentic commercial dive gear - current and vintage/antique gear, working or needs work or no longer works.


Commercial Diver photos; vintage and current.


Vintage/antique scuba gear.





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